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1. How to install Inkjet Cartridge?
2. My cartridge is printing faded and print head seems to be clogged. What can I do to make it work?
3. Trouble shooting guide
4. 5 common reasons for damage to the printer nozzle
5. How to handle cartridges?
6. The print output blurs or the ink stains.
7. Even after I replaced the cartridge with a new one, the "No ink" lamp is turned on.
8. The No Ink lamp is still turned on even after I replaced the cartridge to a new one.
9. How can I get dried ink out of my print head so I can print again?
10. What is the reason that the head (nozzle) is clogged?
11. Pls note if you would like to refill the Inkjet Cartridge by yourself
12. Installation Reminder
13. What should I do after installing the Cartridge, but the printer doesn't recognize it?
14. Lifespan of a Cartridge
15. shelf life of our products
16. Why Choose Compatible Ink Cartridges?

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